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One-to-one private acting lessons are available now for beginners, intermediate and professional levels and is perfect for Drama School Auditions / Auditions: TV, Film, Theatre / Sight Reading / Character Work & Industry Advice. Follow the more info link for prices and other information.

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Alice Acting work with an elite group of industry professionals, who represent British and Irish talent within the acting world. The Ambassadors are a portrait of professionalism and creativity, an inspiration of excellence in the performing arts.

Zawe Ashton – star of ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Doctor Who’
Danielle Ryan – CEO of Roads / founder of The Lir Academy
Nathaniel Martello White – Actor & Writer
Phoebe Fox – star of ‘Switched’
Kate O’ Flynn – National Theatre Actress

About Alice

Acting tuition for all levels

Alice Acting is a London based acting company founded in 2011. Alice Acting company holds acting classes for all acting levels. It provides intensive training that readies actors for the acting industry. We improve your acting skills with our unique training programme. We provide short courses that allow the actor to enhance their skills and we provide an actors showcase with a supportive audience.

 Alice Acting honour all the elements in the arts spectrum. We provide writers competitions, actors workshops and after school workshops for children. We take pride in our literature diversity and we encourage artists to showcase their work.

Alice Acting ensure trust , creativity and camaraderie within our classes and we are privileged to have teachers who work in the acting industry with a RADA graduate degree.

Training consists of the following:  Audition Techniques, Agent and Casting Director advice – UK/USA,  Accents and Dialects, Vocal training, Movement, Improvisation,Tax/Equity/Spotlight and head shot advice.

The Alice Acting Showcase. Actors are trained all the acting requirements to survive in the acting industry. The actors receive exclusive industry advice. After their training they perform a showcase at a prestigious venue to give them a platform for their career (Age 16+)
Drama School Advanced CourseAn advanced approach on acting fundamentals. Learn the acting requirements for industry success, with exclusive industry advice (Age 16+) 
Drama School Beginners Course. This course is for beginners. An affordable acting course that will teach you all the acting fundamentals. Learn the acting techniques required for industry success (Age 16+).

Alice Acting also offers Private Tuition – Perfect for drama school auditions, acting coaching, industry advice and audition techniques.

For private tuition and after school workshops prices – Contact us 

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Drama School Classes

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Alice Acting Drama School

Great training at a great price...

In Alice Acting drama school you can expect the highest quality training for the lowest possible cost. We divulge ourselves in providing a unique course that will allow the actor to grow, be inspired in a professional, safe, friendly environment. Your teacher will be a RADA industry professional. Every actor will receive an Alice Acting certificate when they have finished their training. Term dates – Training will commence on Sundays at the Cockpit Theatre in London.

BEGINNERS COURSE  Dates TBC – register interest

  • Contemporary Text – Scene study.
  • Classic Text – Scene study.
  • Dialect – Learn dialects for your casting ability.
  • Vocal training - Breath work and vocal techniques for stage and television. Learn how to strengthen your voice and enhance your vocal skills to ensure diction and clarity.
  • Improvisation – Exercise your inhibitions with structured improvisation techniques.
  • Status work – Status exercises to enhance your character development.
  • Movement – Become more physically aware of your body and build a solid foundation to finding your core and enhance your stamina.
  • STAGE - Learn essential theatre techniques that will give you the confidence for stage work, rehearsals and auditions.

ADVANCED COURSEDates TBC - register interest

  • Agent Advice – You will receive exclusive industry advice for the top UK acting agencies
  • Casting Directors/ Directors - You will receive information on top casting directors and directors in the UK who specialise and produce film/TV and theatre. Help build your actors portfolio with casting connection.
  • Tax/Equity and Spotlight Advice
  • Audition Technique – Learn how to master an audition for theatre/film/TV. Learn essential techniques that will give you the confidence to get that job!
  • Headshot Advice
  • Dialect – Learn Dialects for your casting ability.
  • Vocal Training - Breath work and vocal techniques for stage and television. Learn how to strengthen your voice and enhance your vocal skills to ensure diction and clarity.
  • Improvisation – Advanced improvisation exercises, perfect for audition workshops.
  • Status Work – Status exercises to enhance your character development.
  • Movement – Become physically aware of your body and build a solid foundation to finding your core and enhance your stamina.



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Reviews from Alice actors

a“I have just completed an amazing first term with Alice Acting. I have learnt so much from the intense training and met lots of great people. I would highly recommend to anyone interested. Thanks Alice Acting!” – 
Lauren Poveda

”Without Alice I don’t think I would have realised the importance of technique and how hard you have to work to follow the dream of being an actress. I appreciate all that I’ve learnt at Alice and have used these skills at drama school to keep pushing myself. It’s was great working with new people and Alice Acting gave me the opportunity to be creative and take risks in its safe environment. I would recommend anyone interested in taking the arts further to go to Alice Acting as you will gain so much not only in acting but in knowledge of the business and how to move forward in becoming a professional. ” – Maia Watkins

“Alice Acting provided me with unparalleled industry advice and fantastic opportunities to showcase my acting talent. It was informative, creative, stretching, but above all exceptionally enjoyable to be a part of. The training covered a broad spectrum of acting fundamentals, ranging from audition technique to securing an agent.” – Struan Robinson

b“My experience with Alice Acting has been fantastic; so much so that I have returned several times. Alice accepts nothing less than excellence and the rigorous training provided ensures you reach your true potential. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie and team work between Alice Actors which helps create a supportive and inspiring environment that nurtures the growth of each actor. Alice makes sure to focus on each individual to address their specific needs and goals to ensure that they get the most out of their time with Alice. If I could describe Alice Acting in a sentence it would be: Inspiring, intensive, challenging and fun- an enriching experience where one cannot help but grow as an actor.” – Victoria Sviggum

“Alice Acting gave me great opportunities to play some really interesting characters. I had the most fun I’ve had acting so far! My teacher really trusted me and let me run with it, it was a great experience. I met some really fantastic people at Alice Acting, really talented actors and we’ve remained friends.” – Sam Skempton


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